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The Company

Grand Capital Management will always remain an Independent company.  Our advisers have no inappropriate product sales quotas or proprietary portfolios to be pressured with. We provide investment advisory services on an Open-Architecture investment advisory platform, and provide financial insurance products with an independent insurance agency.  This way, we can support our advisers being able to truly recommend what is in our clients best interest. We believe that reducing conflicts of interest for our advisors ends up being a positive outcome for our clients.

Why choose us?

As Fiduciary Investment Adviser Representatives, we are always required to do what is in the best interest of our clients. This means we operate with a higher standard of care when providing advice.  Simply recommending a suitable strategy is not enough. We have the duty to inquire, best execute, be loyal and represent our clients

As Independent advisers, we have the freedom and ability to search out the best strategy that fits our clients values and financial needs.  Whatever position our clients are in, we will find the solution that helps.

We work closely with our clients and keep them accountable when pursuing their financial goals. Consistent monitoring of our clients net worth brings assurance that results are being achieved. 

Grand Capital Management is committed to providing the service clients expect with the respect they deserve.  We will always take time to service our clients particular needs.  

Our advisers have over two decades of financial planning and investment experience.  We want our clients to know that whatever their financial condition, we have the advisers and support to solve their problems.

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