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 Our aim is to ensure that you have a sounding board when managing your business.  Our network of professionals educates our clients with the right procedures to take & best practices when managing & growing their business. We’re not venture capitalist, so we won’t raise money in exchange for ownership. We’re also not lenders, so we won’t capitalize your business & start you off with debt. We’re financial planners who specialize in positioning business owners with effective wealth building strategies and outcomes.

Nuances of Financial Planning with Business

Business owners need tailored & customized advice. Some of the nuances that you can expect are related to tax & cash flow planning. A business owners financial plan is always fluid and changing according to the profitability of the business. We create a financial plan with your personal goals & values in mind, but we achieve success by utilizing your business cash flow & income.


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3 Business Specialties

Business Valuation

Business valuation is typically conducted when a small business owner is looking to sell and extract the value of their biggest asset. As your business grows, we will periodically value the asset as we would any other investment. The valuation of a business is determined by using objective measures and an evaluation of all aspects of the business. Our network of professionals helps make this easy & simple.

401(k) & Employer Sponsored Plans

If you plan on having employees, employers can adopt a 401(k) plan to further success. A 401(k) plan is an employer sponsored plan that encourages employees to invest for retirement in tax-efficient ways.  Employers benefit with increased employee morale & tax benefits. Employees benefit with advanced retirement planning strategies and outstanding investment management.

Tax & Cash Flow Strategies

A cash flow strategy allows for a reduction of taxation & more efficient use of revenue.  With a customized cash flow strategy, business owners retain more control of their revenue and pay only their fair share of taxation. Effective use of these strategies will provide an enhancement of family lifestyle & an increase in net worth.

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