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Aligning Values to Finances®

The Best Financial Planning Outcome

The best financial planning outcome is one where a team of professionals across the financial industries come together to work for you. Where the most important aspects of your life are taken into consideration & focused on. As a business owner, your life is centered around two main facets: Family & Business.  These two facets of your life can be conflicting & difficult to manage alone.

Business requires attention to detail, forward thinking, execution, & time. 

Family requires attention, love, presence, grace, and time.

When these two come together in a harmonious way, it gives way to a lifestyle you deserve & a financial future you have always dreamed of. Our network of professionals diligently work together for you in order to make these dreams a reality.

Aligning Values to Finances®

Aligning Values to Finances®

“Living life to the fullest” is inherently subjective. This means that each person, family, or child has their own unique set of ideals, dreams, and vision. Our goal at Grand Capital Management is to tap into these ideals for each person and help actualize them using their cash flow, assets, and the power of planning. Financial Integrity as I refer to it, is simply the way someone aligns their values to their financial goals and objectives. We make sure there is congruency between a person’s values, and the outcome their finances are producing. 

Aligning Values to Finances®

5-Step Process to Success

Discovery & Rapport Building

We want to know what you value, what gets you excited and motivated, and what the vision is for your life.  How you want to be communicated with and how you don’t is very important for us to understand also.  Forming a relationship and building rapport are the priorities.  

Data Collection & Client Portal

If you feel comfortable talking to us about your finances, we then need to collect data.  This has to be done correctly.  Without data, we cant interpret anything.  We will give you access to some of our tools as we collect and help you retrieve this data.

Investment Education & Analysis

This is a very important piece of the pie. There is so much noise surrounding investments and returns, but we help clear the air.  We simplify investments with sound education & information so you can remove all fear and know how to invest moving forward.

Current Position

Your current position should now show you what financial outcome is being produced.  You will have a clear understanding if you’re on track, or if you’re not. You will know if you are aligned with your vision and goals for your life.  We all need information to make decisions, and your current position does just that; gives you the right information to make the necessary changes.

New & Improved Financial Outcome

A better financial outcome is actualized with Implementation & advice.  At this point, we discuss an engagement that is best suited to your needs and start introducing & working with our network specialists to ensure you experience a New & Improved Financial Outcome. 

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