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This is how Grand Capital Management is changing the way Financial Planning is done. 

Our Approach to Financial Planning

In today’s financial advising environment technology and innovation have made it very simple to ascertain wealth.  What is missing in the lives of clients is a client-advisor relationship that is designed to include their life and values above all else. We believe that ensuring proper alignment of values and finances leads to a trustworthy and valuable client-advisor relationship.  Our goal is to educate our clients as to how they can align their values to their finances, and create the retirement and legacy they desire.  



At Grand Capital Management, we take a unique approach in discovering who our clients’ are and what core values motivate their decisions.  Our discovery process includes an in-depth series of questions and conversations that narrow down what is valued most to our clients.  This discovery process is at the heart of what we do as advisors; develop meaningful, long-standing relationships with our clients that are filled with substance and experience.


Is Our Approach Expensive

Financial advising at its core should be affordable to all who wish to participate in the process. At Grand Capital Management, we take the position that comprehensive financial planning should be provided at affordable prices.  Our advisors provide investment advice under a Fee-Based structure with transactional compensation on the implementation of financial products. No annual financial planning fee.

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